September 2013 Board Meeting

Restful Lake Minutes for September 18, 2013


The meeting was called to order by President Jeff Zembiak at 7:10 p.m

Those in attendance were as follows:  Greg Pavella, Rich Vandevander, Nellie

Burdick, Jeff Zembiak, Edith Fetheroff,  Rick Rositan and Jessica Noah.

Greg Pavella made a motion to accept the minutes and Nellie Burdick 2nd the

motion passed.

Jeff Zembiak reported that he had the power cut to Gorman’s well with a

licensed electrician.

He wrote a letter to our attorney Heidie and her response was take whatever money

You can get from that situation.

Jeff received $350.00 from Gorman as a token of good faith.  The Board will

work with Gorman and speak with him every 3 months.  He needs to fix the Septic

under court order.

Jeff and Rick will spear head the Halloween Party.  Nellie made a motion to accept

Jeff’s Report and Rich 2nd motion passed.

Grounds Report   Greg has purchased several White Pines and Nellie  will  give

several trees that she will donate to the Community.  Jeff will donate park benches that

he will make to place around the Lake once the trail is completed.  Greg reported

that the trail is ½ completed and he had dropped several trees in the Lake to provide

shelter for the fish.

Nellie made a motion to accept Greg’s Report and Rich 2nd motion passed.

Jeff asked if Greg would make a flower bed around the Club House and the

Board to provide Greg with a budget of $400.00 for beatification to do so. Jeff

suggested that Lutey’s was the best place to purchase the material. Nellie

made a motion to provide a budget up to $400.00 for a limited dress up around the

Club House and Rich 2nd motion passed.

Rich made a motion to accept Greg’s report and Rick 2nd Grounds Report accepted.

Treasurer’s Report

Jeff and Rich will talk to residents to collect outstanding dues.

Edith made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report and Rick 2nd motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report Attached

Old Business

       Golf Outing  – 12 golfers didn’t show. However 37 golfers came and 37 paid for

Lunch.  We were held to pay for the 56 lunches.  Many residents helped to serve

Dinner at our club house.  After all expenses we made $1,093.15.

Rick makes a motion to accept the Golf Outing Report and Nellie 2nd. Motion passed.

Roads Report

    Jeff spoke with Saunders he will grade again.  Highview Hill is a problem we need

Cold patch there.  Driftwood is bad also.  Jeff estimates we will need 40 ton of

material and rent a Bob Cat which, Noah will operate in exchange to use the Bob Cat around

Noah’s property.

   Rich made a motion not to exceed $1,000 to repair the roads for winter and

Jessie 2nd Motion Passed

  Motion was made by Jessie and Greg 2nd to accept the Road Report.  Motion Passed.

New Business

  Rich V to send newsletter with a flyer for the Clam Bake Saturday, Oct 12th.

Halloween Party info will be attached.  Kids can come for Free.  Hot Dogs and

Hamburgers will be served for the kids.  Would like everyone to attend.

Edith made a motion to adjourn and Nellie 2nd all agreed.  Oct 23 is the next meeting.

Respectfully submitted Edith Fetheroff



October 22, 2013 12:00 am

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