NewsLetter June 2014

Restful Lake Association, Inc.

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Newbury, OH 44065

Jeff Zembiak
                           Jim Janke                                            Jessica

President, Roads Chair              Vice
President, Entertainment Chair        Treasurer,
Legal, Finance

Nellie Evan                               Rick
                                       Greg Pavella                            Secretary                                  Trustee, Clubhouse/Lake Chair               Trustee, Grounds Chair

Richard Vandevander               General Contact Email                                                               Trustee, Information


July Newsletter 2014


The board
would like to thank everyone that sent in a ballot for the road assessment.
Great news, we had 49 members eligible to vote and they were sent ballots for
the road assessment. The count was held on June 18, 2014 and the vote was 25
yes votes and 11 no votes, giving us a 51% majority of yes votes. Enclosed is
the road assessment invoice. If you have any questions, please call Jeff
Zembiak who is in charge of the road project or any other board member.  The first road to be done with the road
assessment will be Highview from Portlew to Longview.  


The board has
approved replacing all the stop signs, speed limit signs, and street signs in
Restful Lake.  The board also approved new
signs for around the lake, make sure to take a look at them when they go
up.  The water has been tested in the lake
in two spots and is safe to swim in. The board has also approved funds for the
rest of the roads to be graded and maintained with product as best we can with
the limited budget.


This year the
board was not able to secure Fireworks for the 4th of July, we will continue
to look into this and hope to bring them back in 2015.  The Golf Outing was held and yes it did rain
but Jeff made it work and he thanks everyone for their help. The next event will
be the Clam Bake Reserve Raffle and more information will follow soon. 


The board
would like to thank everyone who donates time to Restful Lake including the
people cleaning up around the lake, cutting the grass around the clubhouse,
telling people to slow down (the speed limit is 10 mph), and Don Lenz for
grading out the sand at the beach. The board would like to recognize Corey
Pliml, we were informed that Corey rushed across the lake in his row boat to help
two of our members who had wrecked their 4 wheeler and ended up in the lake injured.  Corey helped them from the water into his
boat and rowed them to shore for medical attention, GREAT Job Corey! 


The board
encourages any member to contact us with any concerns at . 
The board is committed to making Restful Lake a safe place for your
family and a friendly and attractive place to live.


August 6, 2014 12:00 am

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