Newsletter April 2017

The annual meeting will be May 21st 2017 at the Community Center starting at 3:00pm a lite snack will be provided.

This year the board will be looking at several projects:

Erosion control for the lake

Road improvements for Longview

Improvements to the Community Center

We will be having a maintenance weekend May 6 and 7 starting at 9am each day. We will be doing painting and cleaning of our common areas and more. We are asking for volunteers each day to come down to the community center and help.

The community center will be open for sporting events this year dates and times to come.

Dates to remember:

Annual Golf Outing June 11th 2017

Annual Clambake September 30th 2017

We would like to have a Community Picnic at the community center on May 27th 2017 if we have enough interest, please email us at with reservations. We will make the final decision on the picnic at the annual meeting.

If you need a payment plan or have a Treasurer question give me a call at 440-283-6005 or email at thanks Richard Vandevander.

April 29, 2017 12:00 am

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