March 2014 Board Meeting

Restful Lake Minutes for March 26,

Jeff Zembiak called the meeting to
order at 7:45 p.m.

Those in attendance were the
following: Jeff Zembiak, Greg Pavella, Nellie Burdick, Jim Janke, Richard
Vandevander, Jessica Noah, and Edith Fetheroff.

Minutes of the last meeting was read
by Richard Vandevander and accepted by the

entire board.


Greg reported that he had cut down a
few dead trees along Longview Dr.

he had replaced the stop sign that had
been removed and put it back temporarily.

Greg suggested that the pillars be
straightened at the beginning of Longview Dr,

and plants to be planted, and plant
grass plants to hid the pillars.

Greg also, reported that Phase 1 of
the trail was about completed. Phase 2 will consist

of a trail starting at Track Road to
Jeff’s or pass Highview and to the 2nd Beach.

Greg mentioned about the mailboxes
being vandalized and Greg, purposed that we move the mailboxes along the
driveway of the club house from Driftwood or the tree on Restful Lake’s
property. Greg reported that the tree in front of his house which is on Restful
Lake’s property be removed; because if it falls all of Restful residents will
be without power. Jim Janke will call someone to remove the tree. Greg, has his
bills for the gas used to keep his job as grounds keeper, he would like to be
reimbursed. Greg to bring receipts for gas he used then will be reimbursed. Motion
was called by Jeff and motions passed to accept Greg’s report. Jim Janke made a
motion to accept Greg’s Report and Nellie 2nd.


Jeff reported that the heat was turned
on and the furnace fired right up. The aerators

for the lake are off for the winter.
Jim Janke made a motion to accept the Club House Report and Jessica 2nd motion


Jeff is exploring options to get
material for the roads it appears to be very costly.

Discussion on a special assessment
pursued; but no conclusion was made. Board will meet before the Annual Meeting.
Greg made a motion to accept Jeff’s report and Jim Janke 2ndmotion passed.


Jeff reported that Robert Lederle’s
daughter is graduating and he wants

to rent the club house. It was
discussed that the cost was $50.00 for residents and $100.00 for nonresidents. Motion
from Jim was made for the need of $500 for the purchasing of a grill to use for
our Annual meetings and other events, 2nd by Greg motion passed. Our Annual
meeting will be held on May 18th at 5:00 P.M. The Board to arrive at 4:00 P.M. The
board discussed, that the board meet 4 times a year it was discussed and
decided that the board meet every month except Dec., Jan. Feb. it was agreed
upon. Nellie Made a motion to accept New Business Report and Jim Janke 2nd,
motion passed.


Jeff made a point that everyone to be
on time for the meetings.

Edith Fetheroff told the Board that
she would not server on the Board another term, but would finish out her term
thru the Annual meeting.

Nellie made a motion to Adjoin and
Greg 2nd. All agreed.


Edith Fetheroff

May 23, 2014 12:00 am

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