July 2013 Board Mintues



Meeting called to order 7:30 PM


Jeff Zembiak made motion to nominate Rich Vandevander as a trustee.  Rick 2nd.  Unanimous vote.


Treasures Report:

Outstanding aging (dues, late fees, and legal fees):   $23,026.79

Current bank balance:  $14,585.89

Nellie made motion to accept Treasurer’s report.  Rick 2nd.  Unanimous vote.


Changes to committee:

Rick:  Lake/Clubhouse

Greg:  Grounds


Lake Report: 

Jeff text vote for additional $200 for aerator repair.  4 yes votes. 

Kevin Redding needs piece of metal for bubbler to sit on.  Rick suggested putting a restriction on line to create fountain.

Jeff text vote for $958.62 for new pump.  4 yes votes.

May need an additional $150 for bubblers.  Unsure until Kevin has assessed all equipment. 

Need sign at lake:  “For residents only and swim at your own risk.”

Swimming and fishing is for members and guests.  Guests must be accompanied by members. 

Rich made motion to make 3 signs.  Greg 2nd.  Vote Unanimous.

Signs to state:  “Members only (bold). Swim and fish at your own risk. No lifeguard on duty (bold).  No Glass on beach.   Guests must be accompanied by a member.”

Jessie made motion for $100 to make signs.  Greg 2nd.  Vote unanimous.

Jim Janke had county test water by beach and north side of lake.  Both levels acceptable for swimming. 

Jessie made motion to accept Lake Report.  Rich 2nd.  Vote unanimous.


Club House Report:

Jeff will get 3 estimates for upgrading electrical.

Nellie made motion to accept club house report.  Jessie 2nd. Vote unanimous.


Roads Report:

Tom Saunders graded roads. Was given permission to work above agreed upon amount to finish.  Was given check for $1350.

Jessie made motion to accept roads report.  Rick 2nd. Vote unanimous.


Old Business:

Jenkins:  Jeff and Rich will draft letter to inform Jenkins rent will be $200/yr. for access of driveway on Highview.  Once title transfers agreement will be null and void. No additional assessment will apply.

Greg made motion to accept.  Rick 2nd. Vote unanimous.

Gorman:  Jeff to contact John Gorman to talk about resolution.

Saunders:  Jeff spoke with Michael Saunders about letter stating board will not get involved in personal disputes.

Storage Shed:  Will forego conversation about shed until next month.

Rick inquired about area that was brush hogged and how to keep it from regrowing.  Jeff said it will be piece by piece process.

Jessie made motion to accept Old Business.  Greg 2nd. Vote unanimous.




New Business:

1.       Golf Outing:  Rosie Drown made flier for outing.  Nellie offered to make basket for hair care products for prize.  Jeff asking for each board member to put a 4-some together.  Rich made motion to spend up to $900 for trophies and steak dinner and other expenses.  Jessie 2nd.  Vote unanimous.

2.       Garbage:  Jeff spoke to Rumpke about garbage pick-up for clubhouse.  On call $75 to deliver container.  2 yd. $35  4 yd.  $51    Other option is for weekly residential service.  Rick made motion for residential service.  Nellie 2nd. Vote unanimous.

3.       Clubhouse Land:  Greg doing estimate for landscaping around club house.

4.       Survey:  Rosie Drown doing survey for how much money should be spent and extra comments.


Meeting adjourned 9:56 PM

Rick made motion to adjourn. Greg 2nd. Vote unanimous.




August 16, 2013 12:00 am

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