Board Meeting October 21, 2014

Restful Lake                                                                       October 21, 2014

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm.

Rick Rositano, Rich Vandevander, Jeff Zembiak, Jim Jamke,  & Nellie Evan in attendance.

Nellie read minutes from last month.  Jim accepted.  Rich 2nd.

Lake Report & Clubhouse:  EPA will be here on November 5th 10-1030 am to walk around the lake, take water samples, answer questions.  Rick will ask about draining the lake and how to keep the lake clean.  Would like to get info regarding improving fish and plant life.  Aerators and fountains.   Rick has been keeping the grass cut.  Rick plans to work on the north side of the lake, closer to the lake edge in the spring.  Pat and Denise Bradey did landscaping.  Burton Floral donated approx. 24 mum plants. Special thanks to Corey Pliml for doing the lighting work inside the clubhouse.  The back stairs have been fixed.  Asphalt laid around the clubhouse has been a great improvement.  If we missed anyone, thanks for all the help throughout the year.  Jeff will be contacting the home owner adjacent to the clubhouse.  This property is having a septic issue which is eroding the driveway of clubhouse and Lakeland drive.  Nellie Accepted.  Jim 2nd. Vote unanimous.

Road Report:  Highview Drive has been completed as of September 19.  One week later, a home owner had a gas line installed.  A hole 3’x5’x8’ was dug into the road. Dominion will be notified of a cost of repair to G.A.R. Paving specifications.  The feedback regarding Highview has been enormously positive.  G.A.R. paving also laid asphalt on Edgewater, the west end of driftwood, the clubhouse driveway, and Lakeland drvie.  Also done were the intersection of Highview and Longview 30 feet each directions. Our roads are only 16 feet wide.  We do not have a berm to park on.  It would be appreciated if there was no parking on the road.  Also note:  Any future gas line or work affecting the roads will need permission from Restful Lake Association.  There may be a cost associated for home owner and/or utility company.  Jeff spoke to brad Cyhan about plowing this year.  He agreed to plow for the same as last year which is $5000, made in 5 monthly payments.  Salting will be done as needed.  Jeff will be looking into buying a pallet of rock salt to disperse to our homeowners who live on hills for emergencies.  Most of road signs, stop signs, speed limit signs, imformational signs, and entrance signs have been installed and will be finished before winter.  Everyone has been very positive about all of the work that has been done this year.  Rich made motion. Rick 2nd.  Unanimous vote.

Entertainment Report:  The clambake profited about $3200.  It was a huge success.  Thanks to everyone who helped.  Everyone loved the band, The Swampcats.  Thanks to Hambden Fire for Tent, tables, and chairs.  Newbury Beverage.  Blazin Bills. Burnt Wood Tavern.  Burton Floral.  Jim & Emily Janke.  Special thanks to all the residents who helped throughout the day.    We will try to do a 4th of July party this year.  If we can get enough donations for fireworks, we will put on a fireworks show.  The board is talking about doing a Rib Cookoff for the 4th of July party.   It has been a very successful year with the golf outing, clam bake, etc.  Jim accepted. Rick 2nd. Vote unanimous.


Treasurers Report:  See attached.  All bills are paid and we are financially sound.  Nellie accepted.  Rick 2nd. Vote unanimous.

Information Report:  Rich will be sending one last newsletter this year, including letter from the President.  Will also send invoices with newsletter.  Rich will maintain information spreadsheet to make sure owner info is up to date.  Jim accepted.  Nellie 2nd. Vote unanimous.

Old Business:  Corey Pliml did electrical work at clubhouse.  The exit signs are operational and legal.  He did about $1500 of work for $700.  Corey is working on an estimate to do a panel change.  Kevin Redding has forwarded the information for aerator stones for the lake.  Jeff will handle this, but it is not a priority.  Jeff spoke to Mrs. Masek.  She is okay.  Rich accepted.  Nellie 2nd. Vote unanimous.

New Business:  Jason Richards has been asked if he would like to join the board.  Grounds and Clubhouse.   Jeff made motion to bring Jason on as trustee, taking over Grounds and Clubhouse chair.  Rick 2nd.  Vote unanimous.  Jason suggested throwing a Christmas party with a White Elephant auction. 

Next years plans:

Golf outing:  June 8th

Need to repair swimming dock and would like to move beach to North side of lake and make current beach into a volleyball court.  Revive old beach.

Mailboxes. $3000 for mailboxes. Jeff will build structure, free labor. 

Next road project

Website:  advertising.  Perferred contractors. 

Jim accepted.  Nellie 2nd.  Unanimous vote.


Next meeting March 24th 7:00 pm

Nellie made motion to ajourn.  Jason 2nd. Vote unanimous.


March 21, 2015 12:00 am

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