August 2013 Board Mintues

Restful Lake Association minutes August 14, 2013

Trustees and Guests Sign in

Meeting called to order by Jeff Zembiak at 7:20 P.M.

Minutes were read by Rich Vandervander. Jim Janke made motion to accept the minutes

As read and Nellie 2nd

Info Report- Rich will test the PayPal with a $10.00 payment to see if it is working.

Rich- Was asked by Jeff Z to answer all e-mails received as Jeff needs assistance.

LAKE REPORT – RICK Reported that the garbage pick up for the Association and its members

will by on Fridays. Not all members are on board as many pay by the year. However, everyone

will be on board by 01/01/2014 that is the dead line date.

Kevin Redding, has the airators up and running the association will reimburse Kevin $150.00 for

repairing the airators. Kevin checked all 3 bubbers along with fan in pump house

&misc.electrical work.

All are working. Thank You, Kevin Redding. Nellie made a motion to accept the lake report and Jim J

motion passed.

GROUNDS REPORT – Greg has start to cut a path at the top of Track Rd and Driftwood.

Jeff Z reported that Greg Pavella has quoted a price of $800.00 to landscape around the

Club House, including top soil and mulch and plants. Nellie made a motion to accept grounds

Report and Rick 2nd motion passed.

ROADS REPORT – Jeff Zembiak reported Highview Hill, Driftwood, Briarwood, and Beachland

Hills all need grading. Jeff needs money to repair the above he is thinking $300.00. He will

put a text message out to board members e for approval. The work needs to done before

winter, Edie made a motion to accept Jeff’s report and Rich 2nd motion passed.

OLD BUSINESS – Discussed at length the Gorman situation. The deadline is August 16th.

The trustees will disconnect the well, if there is no contact made with the Board.

Jim made a motion to agree with the board decision and Nellie 2nd Motion passed.

Golf Outing- Jeff Z reported that he is short by 16 golfers of his 100 anticipated. Dinner

Will be at 5:00 P.M.

NEW BUSINESS – Holloween Party will we have one? Too early to decide.

Club House needs a Refrigerator we should look into the RESTORE store.

Clam Bake and reverse raffle. Cost will be $5.00 higher and $40 for a single ticket and

$50.00 for a couple.

There will be a poker night at the Club House on September 14th.

Jim Janke, made a motion to adjourn and Nellie 2nd


Next Meeting will be September 18th


Respectfully Yours

Edith Fetheroff, Secretary


September 24, 2013 12:00 am

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