Annual Meeting Notes

Restful Lake Minutes Annual Meeting
May 2014

Jeff Zembiak called the Annual meeting
to order at 5:15 P.M. The Board members present

were as follow present: Jeff Zembiak,
Edie Fetheroff, Nellie Evan, Jim Janke, Rich Vandevander,

Rick Rositani, and Jessie Noah.

The minutes of the last annual meeting
were read by Secretary Edie Fetheroff and Paul Buttari

made a motion to accept the minutes as
read and Dennis Nowakowski 2ns and motion


Jeff Zembiak Thanked all who have
served on the Board this year.

Jessica Noah – Tres.

Edie Fetheroff – Secretary

Jeff Janke V.P.

Nellie Evan – Entertainment

Rick Rositani Lake & Club House

Rich Vandevander – Information

Jeff Zembiak indicated that he would
like to see many changes in the community by using

the Club House as a money maker by
having events that would bring in outsiders; such

as the Golf Outing and the Clam Bake;
also by renting out the clubhouse. Jeff

wants to improve the area that is his
mission and he thanked everyone who is current with

their dues.

Jeff announced that the Golf Outing
will take place on June 8th at Pleasant Hills it will

be a Four man scramble. It success
will depend upon whether or not we have a 4th of July


The Club Bake and Reverse Raffle will
be held on Sept 27th, 2014.

the Halloween Party will also be
included in the Board’s Budget this year.

Dennis Nowakowski made a motion to accept
report and Rosie Drown 2nd motion


Jeff reported that Greg Pavella
designed the flower bed outside the club house and is

working on the trail around the lake.
Check on the WEB site how the trail is coming along.

The Lake water is to be tested by Rich

Dennis Nowakowski made a motion to
accept the Ground report and Lynn Gamble 2nd

motion passed.

LAKE REPORT – Rick Rositani reported
that over all the Lake conditions are Good.

He is beginning to see some aquatic
plant life, such as lilly pads, ect. The fish are

healthy, he has personally caught 2-5
pound bass from the Lake this year already.

Crappie – Sun Fish and Shiner
population is healthy. He has seen some perch and some

small catfish. However he would like
to see a better catfish population. A water

test is in progress. However results
won’t be in for another week. Jeff and he

have been talking about building
fishing docks and the condition of the Beach

and rebuilding the swim dock at the
beach. No fishing at the Beach fish hooks and

bear feet don’t mix.

CLUB HOUSE The rent for the Club house
is $50.00 for residents and $100.00 for nonresidents.

The board has purchased a new grill to
come with the rental of the Club


To improve the club house the Board
had purchased a storage building with the

Fund raiser money.

With this year’s funds from the fund
raiser money we would like to replace the steps


on deck off the back of the club house
and sell the coke a cola coolers either in house

or on e-bay.

T.R. Hill will put up Exit Signs and a
motion light.

Lisa Hill suggested we call State Farm
Insurance to find out what is required.

T.R. Hill to look into the motion

Jeff Zembiak recognized Bill Bode for
taking care of the winterization of the Club House

and the Furnace maintenance,

Motion was made by Lisa Hill to accept
the Lake Report and Club House Report and T.R. Hill

2nd motion carried.

FINANCIAL REPORT – Jessica Noah report
as of 4/30/2014 the checking account has a balance

of $9,933.44 and the Saving Account
balance has $2,135.00.

Past Outstanding Dues $22,303.38 and
2013/2014 outstanding dues of $12,377.50.

The Fund Raisers Golf outing brought
in $1,022.15 and the Clam Bake had a profit of


There was a discussion about some
bonds in the Safety Deposit Box to be used if Restful

Lake went in default.

It was reported that property taxes
are paid only for Restful Lake Association Property.

Someone asked how much does the
Restful Lake Web site cost the Association and

it was report that it was a cost of
$800.00 to set the site up and only $30.00 a year to

maintain the site.

Dennis Nowakowski made a motion to
accept the Financial Report and Bob Richardson

2nd the motion, motion carried.

Jeff called for a 10 minute break and
most enjoyed the food provided by the Board during

that time.


Jeff Zembiak called the meeting back
to order.

ROADS – Jeff Zembiak reported that he
took measurements of the roads and spoke to

TR Paving, Jeff related what was
discussed at the April meeting of the Board and purposed a

10 year plan of $200.00 a resident.
This would take care of all the roads over a 10 year

time frame by using prime grinding and
starting with Highview to Longview.

Discussion took place and Dennis
Nowakowski made a motion to do a 1 year assessment of

$200.00 a resident to see how the road
plan would hold up. Paul Battari 2nd and a vote

was taken and most everyone present
voted in favor of the 1 year plan to see how this

new road plan would work. So, Jeff
called that the I’s have it.

It was explanied that it would take
51% of the paid up residents to vote in order for the

assessment to pass.

Rich Vandevander will send out the
paper work to those who are eligible.

Dennis Nowakowski made a motion to
accept and Bob Carroll 2nd motion passed.

OLD BUSINESS – Jeff Zembiak reported
that the trail will be completed.

he will get a price on the Electrical
for the Club House.

Roads Report covered.

Aerators are running leakage in one.

Water has been tested waiting for

Flag over Club House Rich V to get a
light for the flag Dennis Nowanowski to get a Flag.

Bill Hammond Not to be on Restful Lake
Property Call the police if necessary.

Liens If dues aren’t paid the Board
does place liens on the property, if the property

goes to fore closure and bank buys it
back we get the lien paid from the bank.

Motion was made by Bob Richardson to
accept the Old Business Report and 2nd by

Dennis Nowanowski motion passed.


NEW BUSINESS -Drain the Lake in the
Fall to promote growth and be able to place

posts for the fishing docks.

Restore Old Beach, Board to get it up
and running.

Dave Brant asked about an Entrance
sign with zero maintenance, Paul Battari

felt that street signs should be the
board’s priority along with SLOW signs because

there are so many kids in the

MAILBOXES – Jeff Zembiak reported that
Burton delivers our mail. Recently the mailboxes

had been vandalized. The Post office
downtown requires a center allocation pointing

out Block B bottom of portlew and
Stone Rd. would be utilized. The Post Office would

pay 1/2 and Restful lake would be
required to pay 1/2 of $6000. The boxes must be covered

and have a 6″ pad and be covered.
Jeff likes the idea.

Jeff Zembiak wanted everyone to
recognize the following for their service to the community:

Paul Battari, Kevin Redding, Bill
Bode, Rosie Drown, Jason Richard, Emily Janke, Jim Guyette,

Patrick Brady, Corey Plimi, Charles Fletcher,
Carl McNeice, Don Lucas, Don Lenz, Shawn Noah,

Briar Hehr.

Bob Carol! made a motion to accept the
New Business Report and Dennis Nowakowski 2nd

motion passed.

Meeting To be Adjoined motion made by
Dennis Nowakowski and 2nd by Rosie Drown.

Sincerely Submitted,


Edith Fetheroff, Secretary

August 6, 2014 12:00 am

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