Annual Meeting 2017

Restful Lake Meeting Minutes     Annual Meeting     May 21,2017

Meeting called to order 3:15 P.M

Board members  in attendance  Richard Vandevander, Rick Rositano, Greg Hoff, Denise Brady
Rosemarie Drown, JeffZembiak.

Minutes from May  15, 2016 Annual Meeting read by Denise Brady. Motion Made By Paul Buttari to accept minutes   Second by Bill Soplata. Minutes  were accepted by all in attendance.

Financial Report – Presented by Richard Vandevander
Richard  went over the 2016-2017 financial report and budget for the year through 3/31/2017.
It was stated that we spent$ 27,100.00 on road improvements mainly Overlook also Driftwood and Briarwood. All monies for road improvements are kept separate.
More work was completed to the clubhouse last year electrical was updated and a new
panel box was installed , thanks to Cory Poiml. This year a new bar was built and new  floor was installed in  the kitchen and behind bar, also looking into purchasing
new tables and chairs. The balance as of  last year was $11 , 798.55 and of that amount  $5,000
was put into savings. This is keep as a “rainy  day fund”. We can project how many residents may pay there dues, we always have those who do not pay.
2017- 2018 projected  amounts budgeted to take in and projects  that have been completed and have been planned.
Road assessments for this year is about $16,000.00, and is planned to complete part of Longview Dr. from Stone Rd. to Overlook Dr. which may cost $30,000.00 and will request a new 5 year road assessment plan a year early as we are in the fourth  year of the original plan. Highview was chipped  and sealed over 5 years ago and next year we need to chip and seal again which the cost will come out of  road maintenance funds.
Noted that we have budgeted more monies for  lake maintenance as we are having a lot of erosion and need to address this problems, we are investigating  several options.
The board is aggressively working  on the back dues and making attempts to work with those home owners  and did discuss Liens on the property with our attorney which can cost
$300.00 plus and we are usually last to get paid this includes the property  that is in foreclosure.
Questions from the floor included garbage removal  from the clubhouse, Rich explained
we do have pick up and it is budgeted,also if the septic was cleaned recently, the board will put that on a schedule to completed.
Another  question regarding  the deck to be built on the clubhouse, and it was explained that we as the board would like to move forward  with the project but will have to see how the funds are. Suggestions from the floor to have raffles, and other money making ideas.
Jeff Ziembiak did state that we are asking anyone in the community that would like to
help with fundraisers for  the these projects  to contact the board. The cost of the deck materials is about $1,500.00 with the the labor being donated.
Motion made to to accept financial report by Don Lenz
Second by Bill Soplata  Financial Report accepted by all in attendance. Paul Buttari thanked  Rich Vandevander for his work on the financial.

Jeff Zembiak noted that Rich had spent much time to to get the financial records  in order and back on track.

Clubhouse Report- Presented by Greg Hoff
Greg mentioned the improvements that have been made to the clubhouse and there are 2 or 3 rentals booked for this summer  and have had some rental already this year.
that have been booked for the year. Prices for the Clubhouse rentals have been increased this year
to $75.00 for members  and $150.00 for non members.  Greg mentioned  all that is included in rental  the pool table, game tables, T.V. and Wi Fi.
Mentioned  from the floor that a baby shower  that was held at the clubhouse  last summer was very nice with all the improvement that were made to the clubhouse.
Also mentioned  from the floor was items need for the clubhouse,  and will post on the website items needed and community members  may contact the board if the would like to donate items. Volunteers  are always needed for for projects at the clubhouse and the help would be greatly appreciated.  It was suggested  from the floor that the clubhouse would benefit with video cameras for  security.  It was mentioned again that the clubhouse is an extension to the community,   we can hold different events and classes that the would
be great  for the community.  The hours  for the clubhouse rental posted on the rental contract
with noise restrictions by the day and time. The rental was updated and it is noted that our
liquor license is not connected to the rental of the clubhouse. All questions may be forwarded  to and will be sent to Greg Hoff.
Motion made to accept the the Clubhouse  report Rosie Drown
Second by Greg Hoff.  Accepted by all in attendance. A short break was taken
Entertainment Report- Presented by Rosie Drown
Due to construction  we have had no events in 2017, however in 2016 several events  including the Cavaliers, Indians games with little support  from the community. The liquor license was renewed  in October of2016 until 2017. All the reports for the sales tax were completed by Rich Vandevander.  A list of  Email for residence in attendance was requested so that we may send notifications of future events. The 5 th annual golf outing has been planned June 11, 2017 . Please support this event with either a team or a hole supporter. Other leagues and groups are requested  to contacted  the lake for  events.
Motion made to accept the Entertainment report Rick Risitano
Second by Rich Vandevander accepted by all in attendance.

Grounds Report-Presented  by Denise Brady
Erosion is a big factor  for the lake and we have a supply of  free fill for the lake and will investigate  our options to take care of this. The clubhouse landscaping was weeded and some flowers were planted,  a donation of perennials  from Mares, and another from the Soplata family  for bulbs. These will be planted  in the fall. A budget of  $2,000 is in place for
possible trucking  of the of the free material. This will not effect the wildlife, and would like to have a more permanent  plan for the landscaping   and erosion around the lake. Motion made to accept the Grounds report Rosie Drown
Second by Greg Hoff accepted by all in attendance.

Lake Report-Presented  by Rick Rositano
Rick was informed  that the wildlife must be controlled,they can cause pollution to the lake. He has continued  to mow the lake area., and does request  any volunteers  to help with this
or weed whacking. A requesting  a rack or area for the paddle boats and canoes for the lake so that owners may secure these. The fish population is healthy,  and the aerator  is up and working. We are looking at a possible on a fountain  for the lake, a question from the floor was ifwe should keep the aerator  on all year and it was stated that lake freezing over was healthy  for the fish. A water test will be preformed on the lake to check on safety.
We will work on a path around the lake and we will have to close the swim dock and work on repair or removal of the old swim dock. Rick is working  with a pond clinic to see what would be the best avenue to investigate.
Motion to accept Lake report  Rich Vandevander
Second by Bill Soplata all in attendance  accepted.

Roads Report-Presented by Jeff Zembiak
The road project will continue  from Stone road continue down Longview Dr. until
Overlook Dr. and a meeting will be set up with G.A.R. Paving. This would be the same
procedure along with the grinding up the road for this preparation. Next year the end of Longview being paved will be addressed. Question from the floor was will the ditching before the work
will be completed  would be done. This will be addressed before  the project is started.
Another  question from the floor was about the snow plowing, the board will get more bids for the snow plowing for 2017. We were contracted  with the last plowing company for 4″ of snow removal. Jeff mentioned that we need to collect back dues and he would contact those who owe personally as he has in the past. It was stated that we do accept payments on the dues and we will work with ant individual on a plan.
Motion to accept Roads report Rich Vandevander
Second Greg Hoff 15 in attendance  accepted only one nae. Short break taken
Old Business none to report

New business dogs re roaming the lake without leashes, Jeff asked if anyone has approached the owners of these dogs. Jeff stated that he will contact the owners of the dogs, he did stat that we as the board members  and not a dog warden and do not have the authority to enforce  the law. It was stated that the dog warden does request a photo of the dog that is the problem and
they would take care of the problem.Jeff did request that other problems be presented to the
board at the next board meeting. Again any help we can get from the community  for the events would be greatly appreciated.
Motion made to adjourn  meeting Bill Sloplata
Second by Rick Rositano all in attendance  approved. Next Annual Meeting May 20, 2018 

June 24, 2017 12:00 am

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