The Restful Lake Association is governed by a Board of trustees. The primary goal of the Restful Lake Board is to oversee the management of money collected from annual dues. It is THIS board's wish, however, to create a sense of community by hosting multiple entertaining fundraisers throughout the year which will help relieve the financial burdens placed on the paying members.


Membership Dues


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* Dogs must be controlled or on a leash at all times

*The speed limit in Restful Lake is 10 MPH.Help keep our roads well maintained by observing the speed limit.

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  • June 2014 Board Meeting

    Restful Lake Meeting June 18, 2014

    Meeting called to order at 7:24 PM

    Rich Vandevander, Jeff Zembiak, Rick Rositano, Nellie Evan, & Jessica Noah were in attendance.  

    Jeff Zembiak made motion to nominate Nellie Evan as secretary. Rick 2nd.  Unanimous vote.

    Treasurers Report:

    Due to storm and no electricity, no treasurers  report at meeting.  Golf outing was a success, but do not have exact number at this time.

    Votes have been counted.  25 yes votes. 11 no votes, we had 49 members eligible to vote giving us a 51% majority of yes votes ,Road assessment passed.  Jessie to make invoices.  Due in full on date or option for $50/month for 4 months.   It was requested by a home owner to have road assessment money in a separate account.  Jessie to open account at PNC Bank, specifically for the road assessment money. 

    Jessie looked into the bonds.  $4900 in bonds if we cash them now.  Rich made motion to cash out bonds and put into Road Assessment account. Rick 2nd.  Vote unanimous. 

    Nellie made motion to accept treasurers report. Rich 2nd. Vote unanimous.


    Lake Report:

    Water test was done. Checked in two locations. Both acceptable for swimming.

    Picnic tables and umbrellas were priced. Picnic table kits at Home Depot $98. Lowes $88.  Umbrellas at Home Depot $79 and up.  Walmart has cheap ones for $20.

    Rick is cutting path.  Rick would like to get 6” pipe for drainage. Jeff mentioned he has extra Azec decking material which can be used for bridges. 

    Plants that have been planted by lake are starting to take off.  Lily Pads and grasses. 

    Would like to contact Division of Wildlife to ask for their opinion on draining the lake.  Would it be beneficial ?  If we will be draining, we will let the community know in advance. 

    Rick mentioned using metal pipes to make docks instead of treated lumber. 

    Rich made motion to accept Lake Report. Jessie 2nd. Vote unanimous.


    Roads Report:

    Jeff walked Beachland with Tom Saunders.  It is in bad shape. There is no base on the road.  There are two piles of asphalt grindings that can be used.  For $2500 Tom will bring his backhoe down, and move base material to location. Then will cover with premium asphalt grindings. 

    Jessie to call Dave Ronyak to ask if we can get the asphalt grindings from the Route 87 project.

    Rich made motion for up to $7500 in total for all road maintenance this year, with the exception of Highview which will be paid for with the Road Assessment money.  Jessie 2nd. Vote unanimous. 

    Rick made motion to accept roads report. Rich 2nd. Vote unanimous.


    Grounds Report:

    Brad Cyhan weed whipped  and mowed from the trail to the beach.  The total is $120. Jeff made motion to approve landscaping around the lake once per month for $120 for the next three months.  Jessie 2nd. Vote unanimous.

    Nellie made motion to accept grounds report. Jessie 2nd. Vote unanimous.


    Entertainment Report:

    4th of July party.  Need to talk to Paul regarding fireworks.   Can ask for $5 donation  for fireworks from community.

    A full report on golf outing is forthcoming.  Due to power outage, we do not have full report.

    Rich made motion to accept entertainment report. Rick 2nd. Vote unanimous.


    Old Business:

    Cost of Stop Signs, Speed limit signs, and road signs:  19 address signs, 13 stop signs, 16 speed limit signs.  If we replaced all signs and new posts, it will be about $1900. Rich made motion for up to $2000 to replace signs. Nellie 2nd. Vote unanimous.

    Lake signs:  3 large Entrance signs. 4 lake signs.  Rich made motion for up to $1500 for lake signs. With road signs going up before or at the same time as Lake signs.  Rick 2nd. Vote unanimous.

    Jeff will handle culvert for Rosie Drown’s property.

    Jeff to find someone to install exit signs in the club house.

    Jessie will head cleaning up gravel for Phyllis Brown’s property.

    Rick made motion to accept Old Business Report.  Jessie 2nd. Unanimous.


    New Business:

    Request from Paul Buttari to pipe underneath our road for his septic.  Rich will write up contract allowing him to do work, but he will need to put the road and property surrounding back to original state.

    Betty Kompes requested to have the cotton wood tree removed from in front of her property. Rich suggested it should be Restful Lake policy that unless it is in Restful Lake common areas we do not take down trees or help take down trees.  Jeff will talk to her.

    Jessie made motion to accept New business. Rick 2nd. Unanimious.

    Rich made motion to adjourn.  Jessie 2nd.  Meeting adjourned at 8:43 PM

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