The Restful Lake Association is governed by a Board of trustees. The primary goal of the Restful Lake Board is to oversee the management of money collected from annual dues. It is THIS board's wish, however, to create a sense of community by hosting multiple entertaining fundraisers throughout the year which will help relieve the financial burdens placed on the paying members.


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Hall Rental

  • April 2014 Board Meeting

    Restful Lake Association Minutes

    April 16,2014

    The meeting was called to order at 7:00P.M. By President Jeff Zembiak.

    Guest Greg Huff came to the meeting asking the Board about placing a

    dock on the lake. He was informed that it would be Open to the community

    to use. The Board would have to approve and it would be Restful Lake's liability.

    Discussion and no decision was made.

    Greg Pavella accepted the March minutes as read and Nellie 2nd

    the Board approved and motion passed.

    Discussion took place about looking into how much water is coming down

    at the comer of Stone & Truck Rd. Causing a great deal or erosion.

    GROUNDS Greg Pavella reported that he would clean up the Beach area

    and plant perennials plants; such as Elephant Ears. Greg expressed

    he would need money for mulch and materials.

    LAKE - Jim Janke and Greg Pavella will test the Lake's water in three

    spots. Nellie made a motion to provide $45.00 for the testing and Edith

    2nd the motion and motion passed.

    Edith made a motion to accept Greg's Report and Nellie 2nd motion


    CLUB HOUSE - Nellie is painting inside the club house. The Board

    discussed about the aerator. Nellie made a motion to check the aerator and

    Jim Janke 2nd Jeff Zembiak will do that.

    Jeff will call Bill Bode to dewinterize the club house. Greg Pavella made

    motion to accept the Club House Report and Jessie 2nd motion passed.

    ROADS - Rich made a motion to explain the 10 year plan and vote on a

    road assessment at the Annual meeting and he will place info in newsletter.

    Jessie 2nd and Motion Passed.

    Nellie made a motion to accept the road report and Jessie 2nd motion passed.

    TREASURERS REPORT - Jessie reported that we had $3300.90 in the

    bank including the savings account. Edith made a motion to accept the

    Treasurers Report  Rich 2nd motion passed.

    ENTERTAINMENT REPORT - Jeff Zembiak will take on the Golf Outing

    which will be held June 8th, 2014. Greg P. and Nellie made a motion to

    accept and motion passed.

    OLD BUSINESS - Lederle requested to rent the Club House for his daughters

    graduation on June 12, 2014.

    Rich requested $399.00 to purchase a grill for the Club House. He will purchase

    it at Sam's Club.

    Motion made by Nellie and 2nd by Jim motion passed.

    The Board should be here by 4:00 P.M. May 18th Annual Meeting.

    Jeff reported that he spoke to the Postmaster in Burton as Burton delivers the

    mail in Restful Lake. We can move the mail boxes to the comer of Portlew &

    Stone Roads, and UPS would pay for it, but it has to be enclosed. The Association

    would need to do the work.

    Jeff will talk to Mike Joyce to see if zoning needs to approve.

    Rich and Jeff and Jessie are on the Signature card at the Bank.

    Nellie made a motion to accept the Old Business report and Greg

    2nd motion passed.

    NEW BUSINESS - No new Business

    Jeff will contact Kevin Redding to check the Aerator.

    Next meeting May 18th at 4:00 P.M.

    Nellie made a motion to adjourn and Greg 2nd motion Passed.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Edith Fetheroff,


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