The Restful Lake Association is governed by a Board of trustees. The primary goal of the Restful Lake Board is to oversee the management of money collected from annual dues. It is THIS board's wish, however, to create a sense of community by hosting multiple entertaining fundraisers throughout the year which will help relieve the financial burdens placed on the paying members.


Membership Dues


* Our online payment option is now up and running. When you get to Your Order Summary and Review your Information Please click on Add next to the Add special instructions to the seller and let us know what the payment is for exapmles: Dues for address xxxxx or for Clam Bake tickets etc.

* Dogs must be controlled or on a leash at all times

*The speed limit in Restful Lake is 10 MPH.Help keep our roads well maintained by observing the speed limit.

*If you wish to volunteer your services let us know by e mailing us at

*Want to advertise your services or company?Contact any board member to learn more.

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  • January 2014 Newsletter

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    Newsletter January 2014


    The board and the Restful Lake Community has had a busy Fall, we would like to thank everyone that has helped and below provide some updates. If you have any concerns or questions contact a board member or send us an email at or visit our webpage at


    We had our Annual Community Clam Bake and Reversal Raffle on October 12th and the weather was great.  This event was a great success making a profit of $ 2,929.13 and the food was great, thanks again for the Janke’s cooking a great meal.  Thanks to everyone else that helped and everyone that came and enjoyed the Clam Bake.


    We have started to landscape around the clubhouse and thanks go out to Greg for his hard work. We also purchased a storage building that will allow us to store equipment and cleanup the clubhouse. The board is looking into options for the roads and will have information for the annual meeting. Please remember the speed limit is 10 MPH and watch out for all the children in the community. Also no parking on the streets especially when we are snowplowing.


    The board would like to thank everyone who pays their dues on time, this is what allows us to fix the roads, fix up the clubhouse, and maintain the lake and community. However with that said we have outstanding dues of over $20,000.00. The board tries to work with each owner however if those efforts do not work the Board will put a lien on your property for past dues which will show on your credit report and have a negative effect on your credit score.  We will be updating current liens and new liens in February 2014 for past dues, please contact Jeff Zembiak @ 440.759.5158 or Richard Vandevander @ 440.283.6005 to work out a payment plan to become current on dues, if you are current on a payment plan we will not but a lien on your property. Also we can take Credit Card payments.



    Please note that on 1/1/2014 Rumpke will be the only trash collector allowed in the community, all others we be advised of this.

    The board needs a refrigerator for the clubhouse let us know if you have one.

    The annual meeting will be Sunday May 18, 2014 and we will send out a reminder with the agenda head of time. Also your dues must be paid to be eligible to vote.

    2014 Dues will be mailed out soon.


    Please call Nick at 216.501.0425 for all your Snowplowing and Landscaping needs. Free estimates, local, reliable, and reasonable.

    If you would like to get the newsletter emailed to you or get email updates from us, please send me your email to and tell me to add it to the email list.


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